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2016 -2017

Grants from Foundations / Organizations

Catholic Human Services Foundation
National Religious Retirement Office

Matching Gifts

GE Foundation

Gifts given in memory

Angostura Family c/o Sr. Demetria Angostura, MSCS, in memory of Josue A. Angostura and Conchita A. Tolentino
Eva Briones, in memory of Amelia Pinedo & Eliseo Briones
Francesca Savaglio, in memory of Eugenio Parrinello
Francine Valentine, in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Victor Valentine
Glenda Miro Antonio, in memory of Marty Miro, Sr.
Humberto & Jennifer Sanchez, in memory of Javier and Ana Sanchez
Joseph Farago, in memory of Ettore & Maria Elena Farago, Harriett & Harold Weiss
Linda Maffiola, in memory of Mario Maffiola, Joseph Maffiola, and Maffiola Family
Linda Maffiola, in memory of Mary Caputo
Mario Gabos, in memory of Pia Valentini
Mary Ann Paolantonio, in memory of Silvio and Carmella Paolantonio
Mary Jane Baloyo, in memory of Regidor Baloyo, Sr. and Concepcion Baloyo
Rev. Mr. Paul Spalla, in memory of Paul, Concetta Augusta and Rosalie Spalla
Sr. Maila Miciano, in memory of Raul Miciano
Sr. Marcedita Saboga-a, MSCS, in memory of Virginia Placio Saboga-a
Sr. Marciana Zambiasi, MSCS, in memory of Gentil and Dolores Bello Zambiazi
Susan Verzo, in memory of Susan Bermudez Rivera Verzo
Vanessa Raflores, in memory of Alzate and Raflores Families

Gifts from MSCS friends, relatives, benefactors and anonymous donors

Abrego and Perez Family
Alexa Perez
Ana Perez
Cecilia Raineri
Celedonio and Ofelia Juan
Charles Tan
Cloe Ploeger
Daniel Amendola
Deacon Paul Spalla
Digo Family
Dinah Lee
Diosdado and Amada Lim and Family
Dominic Vecchio
Eva Briones
Fatima Yonan
Florita Cavan
Henry and Elizabeth Komperda
Janet Venable
Jeffrey and Leny Hellyer

Jerry and Alide Kostik
Jocelyn Ho
Joseph Yee
Laurie Trueblood
Lolita Dumdumaya
Mary Jane Castina
Milagros Valentine
Mildred Soriano
Nieves Ronquillo
Olivia Aliga
Our Lady of Fatima Group 2
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
R.E. and A Nicklaus
Rena L. May
Susan Verzo
Tom and Lil Omana
Yolanda R. Co
Yueen S and Rosita L Yee
Zenaida and Triggy Figueras