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Who we are

The Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of St Charles Borromeo – Scalabrinians was founded by Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini in Piacenza on October 25, 1895, with the brother and sister, Father Joseph and Mother Assunta Marchetti as Cofounders. Its mission is the evangelical, missionary service of migrants, especially the poorest and neediest. It spread initially in Brazil, and later to Europe (1936), North America (1941), and in recent decades to various countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa, so that today it is present in 5 continents and 27 countries.

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Our Mission

Our mission is the evangelical and missionary service to the neediest migrants. It is carried out through the religious, social and cultural activities and manifests itself through the the explicit proclamation of Christ through the witness of life or Christian living and of the witness of life, in the different context of human mobility; by welcoming the migrant in his/her diversity and valuing the person as the protagonist of communion among peoples.

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The Missionary Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo Scalabrinians Philanthropic Development Office envisions a journey of committed service as witnesses of hope in the joy of giving, becoming instruments of God’s blessings and mercy.

“I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”

Matthew 25:35

“Seeds migrate on the wings of the wind. Plants migrate from continent to continent on the waves of the seas and rivers. Birds and other animals move from place to place. But even more do human beings migrate, sometimes in groups, sometimes alone, and, in so doing, are always the free instruments of Divine Providence, which presides over human destiny, leading all people, even though great calamities, to their final goal: the perfection of man on earth and the glory of God in heaven.”

Blessed Scalabrini 1876

“A great hope smiles on us.”

Blessed Assunta Marchetti

“The prayer of meditation opens the intellect…””

P.J. Marchetti

“An hour spent before the Blessed Sacrament can change our weak soul into seraphim of love and enrich us with the most excellent virtues.”

P.J. Marchetti

“Remain, Lord, in our hearts, in our will, in our intellect, in our memory…”

St. Charles Borromeo

“Jesus must be the beginning and the end of our actions, the soul of our souls, the life of our lives.”

Bp. John Baptist Scalabrini

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